toni d. kim

Our Philosophy & Approach

We offer an integrative service for people who are generally doing well for themselves, yet feel like something is missing or incomplete in their lives.

We work from a holistic and co-creative approach that incorporates science-based wisdom from the world of neuroscience, as well as, more esoteric and intuitive traditions.

We honor that each person has an individualized journey, and we guide you to reach your personalized goals of healing, managing stress, mastering thoughts and emotions, and any other vision you may have for your life.  

At the core of the journey is exploring beliefs for optimal and lasting well-being. We teach you how to unlock, challenge and transform any old beliefs (e.g. fears, stressors and traumas) that continues to reside in your nervous system and unconsciously runs your life. Through this work, we are able to find a way to encode new, conscious, and empowering beliefs.

We are passionate about awakening as many people as possible to their own greatness. We know each of you have something truly special and unique to offer the world. 

Our Services

Individual Psychotherapy

FOR Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and CHRONIC ILLNESS

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety and/or chronic illness, these are code red warning signals that something is out of balance in your life, mind, body, and/or spirit. We will explore through a therapeutic process, your story, and what it means to you. Through this journey, we will bring conscious awareness to your emotions in order to heal emotional (and any associated physical) pain. 


For HEAling of mind/body/spirit 

Sometimes traditional talk therapy is not enough. Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) works directly with the brain and the way memories, thoughts, feelings and body sensations are stored when we are traumatized. EMDR is a powerful therapeutic modality using the latest evidence-based research to help people work through difficult traumatic memories, experiences or limiting beliefs in a rapid and effective manner.  

We will work together to identify any stuck traumatic memories or limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. Through this work, we will open you up to the newfound possibilities that exist for a more authentic you. You will be able to consciously choose your desired outcomes, new empowering beliefs, strengthening and conditioning these new beliefs into your nervous system so that they will always be a part of you. We support you in making a firm commitment to lasting change, and making room for these intentional new beliefs in your life. 


for Personal DEVELOPMENT & Transformation

One of the most interesting and innovative uses of EMDR has been in personal development and transformation.  EMDR has the ability to decrease fear, stress or anxiety in a person, it can help a person to gain confidence by targeting irrational or negative thinking. EMDR works to achieve this by installing positive beliefs utilizing bilateral stimulation. EMDR helps the brain to think in a healthier, more adaptive way by removing blocks (such as negative self-beliefs) and by helping you tap into your personal strengths.